Avoid Rising Heating Costs This Winter, Switch To Wood Heat

This might be the best year to switch to wood heat as Americans who use propane, heating oil, or natural gas are being told to brace for higher heating costs.

Households can expect to pay 54% more for propane, 43% more for home heating oil, and 30% more for natural gas compared to one year ago

With a slightly colder than normal winter projected, the heating bill for the next six months could eat away at many households’ monthly budgets.

Heating Costs
Thankfully, more and more Americans are seeing the savings of an outdoor wood furnace.

Jim Hackler knows first hand the savings of wood heat. Living in Illinois, he used to spend $1,600 a winter in propane, even during a mild winter. 

And when they used propane they kept the house to 66 degrees, “you had to walk around in sweatpants… and at least one sweatshirt.”

Now with the heat of a wood burner, they keep the thermostat at toasty 72 degrees.

“The type of heat you get off the wood burner is totally different than the LP furnace, the house stays warmer longer.”

Since switching to HeatMasterss, he says they’ve used just 311 gallons of propane in five years. Now, with the savings, they have money to go to fairs and on vacations.

U.S Biomass Stove Tax Credit

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“We have more money to do the things we enjoy, we just generally go out and have some fun instead of having to worry about spending that money on heating our home in the wintertime,” Hackler says.

If you’ve been considering switching to wood heat or upgrading, this is the year to do it. The 26% US Tax Credit also means big savings on your purchase and installation when tax time rolls around.

In order to qualify for the tax credit, the G-Series (G4000, G7000, G10000) was put through weeks of rigorous testing. The series proved to not only exceed the required efficiency rating to qualify for the Biomass Stove Tax Credit in the U.S but earned the highest efficiency ratings in the industry.

While the bragging rights are exciting, at the end of the day the important thing is it means more heat, less loading, and more money saved in your family’s budget.

For example, if you buy an outdoor wood boiler in 2021 for $10,000, you could see a savings of $2,600 on your 2021 federal tax return. Don’t forget to keep the receipts from your purchase and installation, as well as the manufacturer certificate stating the efficiency qualifications of your appliance.

Switch To Wood Heat

We understand how frustrating it can be to spend hundreds of dollars every month on heating bills based on spiking fuel costs. 

That’s why for over 20 years, HeatMasterss has been engineering dependable and efficient furnaces to give you control over your heating budget while enjoying the unlimited hot water and comfortable, even heat throughout your home.

If you are ready to join the mission for heating independence, use the Price Your Furnace tool to find the furnace for your unique heating needs, and the Find a Dealer page will connect you with your nearest experienced dealer for installation. 

Stop burdening your monthly household budget on fuel costs and start saving this winter!