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P Series

Introducing our latest HeatMasterss pellet outdoor wood boiler that will revolutionize the way you heat your home.

Embrace the perfect solution to lower heating bills and smart automation, all while soaking up lasting warmth. This pellet burning furnace makes it a breeze to stay cozy without breaking a sweat.

Four Reasons to Choose a
Pellet Furnace


State-of-the-art automation, the HeatMaster P Series offers all of the benefits of wood heat in one affordable, efficient and convenient system.

Energy independence without the Hassle

No monthly utility bill and minimal maintenance. Enjoy constant heat while your P Series furnace does all the work.

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Built to Last

Built in the frozen North of Manitoba Canada, the P Series is designed for the most extreme weather conditions. Enjoy true peace of mind with our Titanium 409 Stainless Steel construction and Lifetime Limited Warranty, all backed by a North American network of trained dealers and installers.

Easy to Use

HeatMaster furnaces are designed for simplicity and ease of use; they just work. And with an outdoor furnace you don’t have to worry about smoke or wood mess in the house, just reliable heat for your home, garage, shop, and domestic hot water.

The control system monitors oxygen levels and senses when to fire the auto igniter to keep your boiler running efficiently and effortlessly.

Dual sets of vertical heat exchange tubes with spiral turbulators transfer the maximum amount of heat to your water, ensuring every available BTU is used to heat your home or building(s).

The use of the EZ clean tool, along with the minimal ash produced while burning will keep your Heat exchange tubes clean. This will help maintain optimal efficiency and performance.

The built-in recirculation pump helps store the maximum amount of heat in the water jacket by keeping the water temperature consistent from top to bottom.

The insulation value is increased by 50% or more by surrounding the tank with seamless, durable and waterproof closed cell spray foam insulation.

The actuator motor continuously adjusts the air damper to maintain optimal fuel – to – air ratios for the cleanest, most efficient burn.

Our in-house team of expert engineers design every aspect of our boilers to achieve maximum performance and longevity in real world applications. That is why we offer our industry leading Lifetime Limited Warranty.


The P7000 is a great option for heating most family homes along with a garage or another small secondary outbuilding.

  • Approx. Heating Space*
    7,000 sq. ft.
  • Max Heat Output
    250,000 BTU/hr**
  • Water Capacity (US Gallons)
    125 Gallons
  • Recommended Fuel
    Grade ‘A” premium wood pellets
  • Bin Hopper Capacity
    320 LBS
  • Weight
    1600 LBS
  • Outlets
    1 set of 1” and 1 set 1.5″
  • Power Supply
    120V 1PH 60HZ
  • Chimney Size
  • Dimensions*** (L” x W” x H”)
    49″ x 67″ x 83″
  • MSRP****
    $19,100 CAD
  • $17,750

* Well-insulated building.
** BTU’s are approximate and will vary depending on fuel quality.
*** Height of the furnace is to the top of the lift hook.
**** Price subject to change.
**** Price doesn’t include installation and Freight.

 Size Your Furnace calculator here!

To choose the perfect size of furnace, you’ll need to know how many BTUs your buildings require.


For a helpful ballpark calculation, think about your insulation level

Now, add the total sq. ft. you are heating (house, garage, barn, etc.). Remember, for a basement, divide the sq ft. by half and add it to your total. So a 1,200 sq. ft. basement would actually only add 600 sq. ft. to your total.

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Four Reasons to Choose
a HeatMasterss Boiler

  • Achieve Energy Independence

    Take control of your family’s budget and eliminate your heating bill with clean burning wood heat. Fossil fuel prices fluctuate but wood heat is consistently economical.

  • Industry Leading Efficiency

    The G Series continues to be a leader in innovation with the highest efficiency ratings on the market, according to rigorous 3rd party testing. Using less wood means less loading, more heat!

  • Greater Heating Capacity & Longer Burn Times

    A larger firebox gives 20-40% more heating capacity for the same price or much longer burn times.

  • Save Time, Labor & Money

    Our innovative Tornado Combustion Chamber (Patent Pending) provides a cleaner, more complete combustion, reducing fuel costs and your time preparing and loading wood.

  • Extend Your Heating Season to Reduce Energy Costs

    The new G Series can adjust its BTU output during periods of low heat demand while maintaining efficiency and reducing fuel requirements. Enjoy unlimited domestic hot water year-round or add a hot tub or pool.

  • Cruise Control for Your Boiler

    The G Series is the only outdoor furnace that measures the exhaust and adjusts the air to guarantee the best real world performance and efficiency.

  • Stay Clean & Safe While Loading

    The Smokeless Loading Handle turns on the fan and vacuums the smoke up the chimney and away from you while loading.

  • Simplified Cleaning & Maintenance

    No brushes, scrapers, chains or tools needed to clean your heat exchangers! Instead, the EZ Clean Handle makes quick and easy work of cleaning the heat exchange tubes.

  • Stay Out of the Weather with Indoor Installation

    Most furnaces can only be installed outdoors, but the G Series is UL listed and CSA approved for installation in a garage, shop, or other outbuildings.

  • Optimal performance in all places and at all times.

  • Designed with a Purpose

    Our in-house team of engineers design every aspect of our furnaces to achieve maximum performance and longevity in real-world applications. From the water jacket to the wiring, the G Series is fabricated to be the longest-lasting, most rugged furnace available.

  • Best-In-Industry Lifetime Limited Warranty

    We back each furnace with our best-in-industry Lifetime Limited Warranty so you can sleep easy knowing your investment is safe.

  • Titanium Enhanced 409 Stainless Steel

    Resists Corrosion
    Withstands Higher Continuous Temperatures
    Transfers More Heat
    Doesn’t Crack or Warp

  • Rigorous Testing and Quality Control

    Our ISO 9001 Certified Manufacturing Processes, extensive field testing, and ongoing quality control checks mean world-class consistency in every furnace we build.

  • A Network of Dealers Committed to You

    From expert advice to installation and after-sale service, our network of qualified dealers are at your service whenever you need them.

  • A Commitment to Family

    When you purchase your HeatMasterss furnace, you join an extended family of employees, owners, and dealers across North America.


Make your purchase right away and be ready for winter. Get online approval in minutes, avoid high credit card interest. No hidden fees and no penalty for early payment.