Our Story


HeatMasterss was started by two partners in a small shop in Winkler, Manitoba, Canada.

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The growth of the company necessitated the purchase of the neighboring shops for more space to operate.

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Construction began on a large new plant.

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HeatMasterss truly has become a global business and their product is considered to be the elite of all brands.

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They credit their success to four fundamental beliefs:

Producing easy to use, easy to maintain worry free products.
Pioneering cutting edge products with premium materials that are built to last.
Incorporating clean burning, high efficiency designs to save you money.
Providing you an extensive service and support network for your peace of mind.


It is refreshing in today’s marketplace to be able to purchase an affordable quality product supported by exceptional customer service.

Corey Krantz

I’ve been selling outdoor furnaces for 4 years. I did 2 years of research before committing to a brand and I’m absolutely convinced that HeatMasterSS has the best product for the best price. It’s a lot of stove for the money. They have found a good balance between features and simplicity which helps it’s reliability.

I’ve experienced super dealer support. Those guys walked with me through the whole process, from HVAC to installations to sales support. Getting to know the people at HeatmasterSS has been a huge plus. I feel I know them and that I can call if I have a problem. I can call my factory rep here as well for answers.

We’ve had very few units needing repair and the ones we did have were due to operator error. Overall it has been a great experience selling HeatMasterSS furnaces.

Steve at Highland Welding

I’ve been selling HeatMasterSS furnaces for about 4 years. There are a lot of features that I like about the furnaces. I found the high quality of the build attractive, it looks very professional.

HeatMasterSS has been great to deal with. The few times we did have a problem it was quickly dealt with. It makes my life easier to know the factory will stand behind it’s product. I’ve sold other brands in the past and I did not have that kind of support.

They also show a lot of sales support. They are out there at shows making their product known. With previous companies a lot of that was left for me to do. They listen to the dealers and actually change and improve the product from that input. That has made the product even better over time.

Buster of Norris Tree Service

The Situation

Todd had been heating his 40 year old 2,400 sq. ft. home and poorly insulated 820 sq. ft. garage with a heat pump and forced air furnace in the spring. He switched over to an indoor wood stove in the fall which would heat his home during the winter.

Todd’s biggest frustration with this arrangement was trying to heat the basement with a wood stove that was located upstairs. He also didn’t like the mess of an indoor wood stove or the safety risks with children running around.

As his family grew and began sleeping in the basement they were cold all the time. Todd was tired of having a hot upstairs and a cold basement.

The Decision

Todd had been planning on putting in a wood boiler for years and had decided that a wood gasification furnace would be the best choice. The biggest factors for him were minimal room for wood storage and emissions from the chimney. He was concerned about offending a neighbor if smoke blew over the property line towards their home.   The fact that wood gasification furnaces burn much less wood than conventional design furnaces and emit up to 90% fewer emissions meant Todd would be able to keep peace with his neighbors and have room on his yard for other things.

Todd contacted Eldon Yoder, a HeatMasterss dealer with Outdoor Furnace Distributing to inquire about a furnace. Todd looked into other brands, but found that the other dealers were difficult to deal with. The Yoders have always been there to quickly help him whenever he had any questions.

The Installation

Eldon advised Todd that a G200 would be a great fit for his needs and they moved ahead with the installation. Todd installed the hot water heater connections, plumbing to the house, and electrical. The Yoders hooked up the furnace and finished the plumbing to the house. The HeatMasterss dealer proved to be reliable and easy to work with.

The Result

Todd found it very easy to operate the G200. Along with his dealer, he had spoken to a few people who had gasification units and did his own research to learn how to burn it properly. There was a small learning curve in terms of when and how much wood to put in the unit, but for the most part it was very easy for him to use.

Todd doesn’t miss bringing the wood inside. He also doesn’t miss the mess, ash and smoke associated with burning wood indoors. He really enjoys the even heat it provides to his whole house and the unlimited hot water. The 24 hour burn time he gets from the G200 keeps his schedule flexible, unlike his indoor wood stove which had to be loaded much more often.

Todd’s favorite feature on his G200 is the smoke bypass. In the mornings he is in uniform so he doesn’t want the smoke and ash on his clothes before heading to work.  The smoke bypass allows him to load his stove without smelling like smoke or getting dirty. On top of that, he is saving a large portion on his electric bill and even saves time not having to carry wood into the house.

Todd finds peace of mind with the stainless steel construction and the high quality of his furnace as he knows this unit will be keeping him and his family warm and comfortable for many years to come!

Todd S – Virginia

The Situation

In 2011, heating bills for their 2,200 sq. ft. home and 1,200 sq. ft. garage were getting out of control for Dan and his family. In trying to minimize their heating bill, they would keep the house around 18 Celsius (64 Fahrenheit) during the day. This was not only uncomfortable for their four young children, but it also created a lot condensation on the windows. The home and garage are heated with a combination of in-floor heat and forced air furnace.  During cold spells, the boiler system was not able to keep up and the garage was cold.  

The Decision

One cold winter month brought Dan and his wife an electric bill that was well over $600! They knew they had to change the way they heated their home. Dan had seen his father-in-law use wood for years with an older outdoor wood furnace and Dan had access to a lot of wood. That fall he started researching and spent some time looking around and learning about outdoor furnaces. Since they operate a grain farm that uses a wide range of equipment they are perhaps more familiar than most with the implications of buying or choosing a brand. Much like the equipment on their farm, the furnace must be reliable and affordable but even more importantly, the dealer must offer great service, stock parts and provide a great warranty. HeatMasterss was the clear winner and made the decision easy.

The Installation

Dan decided on an MF 5000e and found the installation process very easy.  Dan had his local plumber install it with parts and recommendations from his dealer.  He was very happy how easy it was to communicate with the dealer throughout the installation process.

The Result

Burning mostly oak with some maple and poplar mixed in, the house is kept at room temperature all winter long.  The family always has plenty of hot water and they can run their heat recovery ventilator more often to keep the air fresh and humidity at the right level without having to worry about their electric bill. 

Dan’s favorite feature on his furnace is the ash pan & rocker grate system. It makes everything about ash handling quick and easy. Other features that make operating the furnace simple are the easy to read water indicator, hinged back door and the light (which he uses all the time).

The most positive thing about using this product over the last five years has been how reliable it has proven to be. Twenty-four hours a day from October to May, it is always ready to supply trouble free heat. Dan can’t think of a day that it did not deliver as expected.

The HeatMasterss 5000e has changed things for the better for Dan and his family. They have eliminated about 30,000 kwh of electricity usage per year which is a savings of at least $2300.  On an average year they will burn 11-12 cords of wood.

Dan would definitely recommend this product to a friend. Not only because it has proven to him to be a great furnace, but he knows that Heatmasterss will stand behind their products and the service is second to none.

Dan P – Manitoba

The Situation

Jon Mills had been using a small indoor wood stove to heat his 4 year old ranch style house (1,500 sq. ft. plus full finished basement) but didn’t like the ash, dust and smoke inside.   Safety was also a concern because of the risk of a chimney fire and having to climb onto his roof to clean the chimney.

The Decision

Jon knew the Yoders of Outdoor Furnace Distributing, who are his local HeatMasterss dealer. While Jon was constructing his home, the Yoders had lent him a furnace to heat his basement. Jon was amazed how the outdoor furnace could keep the uninsulated basement so warm during times of below freezing temperatures and how the Yoders would go out of their way to help him. When Jon made up his mind that he wanted an outdoor wood furnace to heat his home, David and Eldon helped him pick the right furnace. He was confident in his decision to choose Heatmasterss because he had seen how much heat he could get out of the furnace and how his dealer would go the extra mile for his customers.

The Installation

Jon had his dealer install the furnace which was completed in about 4 hours. The Yoders professional installation and advice made it easy to understand how everything worked.

Running and maintaining the furnace was made easy using the guidance from the dealer and the easy to read instructions in the owner’s manual.

The Result

With four girls in the house, Jon’s family enjoys the unlimited supply of hot water the most. They also enjoy the comfortable, even heat throughout the house which they didn’t get from the wood stove.

A big benefit of having a furnace outside is not having to worry about bugs getting in the house, and with the wood stored beside the furnace, there are no snakes or rodents close to his home. Both of Jon’s feet are on the ground for any maintenance so it is safer and more convenient than climbing up on the roof to clean his old chimney.

Overall he loves the even heat, unlimited hot water, excellent service with no heating bill or mess in the house. That’s a lot of reasons to recommend a Heatmasterss furnace.

Jon M – Virginia

The Situation

Rick had been heating his 55 year old 1,500 sq. ft. house and 4 year old 1,800 square foot shop with a fireplace insert and fuel oil backup. Rick and his family wanted to get away from the wood, smoke and ash inside the home and the risks of burning wood inside their home.

The Decision

Rick shopped around but was waiting for the right time to buy. Heatmasterss rose to the top of his list because he liked the look and the high quality build compared to the other brands he looked at. Rick’s first purchase was an MF-5000.

After a time Rick decided he wanted something more efficient that used smaller logs that were easier for him to handle. He was very happy with the quality of his MF-5000 so he stayed with HeatMasterss and chose a G200 model.

The installation

Rick worked with HeatMasterss dealer Ralf Cockrum of HeatMasterss of Missouri to have his furnace installed and it went seamlessly. The new G200 fit on the same pad and the pipe connections fit the same way as his old furnace.

The Result

Rick found it easy to transition to the new G200 furnace. He continues to appreciate the way it keeps the mess and smell out of the house. Here are some other things he likes about his furnace:

  • How easy it is to load
  • The smokeless loading keeps him clean while he loads the furnace
  • He only needs to load the furnace twice a day which works perfectly for his schedule
  • He can set his thermostat to keep every room at an even temperature rather than having hot and cold spots in his home
  • The nice warm floor
  • Unlimited hot water for his family
  • He burns a lot less wood to supply the same amount of heat
  • The G200 creates far less ash than his old furnace
  • It is easy to clean and maintain

Rick says his biggest reason for using a HeatMasterss wood furnace is that the heat you get is far warmer and more comfortable than any other heat source (electric, gas or heating oil).

Rick C – Missouri

The Situation

Bryan built a new 1,900 square foot house with a full basement in 2007. He had always burned wood but decided this time to go with heating oil. The house was almost twice as large as his previous one and oil prices were rising fast at the time so Bryan decided to install an indoor wood boiler to help control costs. The boiler made a lot of heat but was hard to control and that led to a lot of overheating and wasted wood. The boiler also required over 30 feet of stove pipe on the side of his brand new house.

The Decision

Bryan began to look at gasifying outdoor wood furnaces for a couple of reasons. One was to keep the mess outside of the house and the other factor that was important to Bryan was efficiency. Bryan found his local HeatMasterss dealer who determined that a G100 furnace would be the right fit.

The Installation

His dealer delivered the furnace and Bryan did most of the installation himself but had his dealer install the heat exchanger. He had a small learning curve the first winter and lost a draft fan but his dealer replaced it right away and all is now working well. Bryan says he was a high maintenance customer in the beginning but his dealer was always patient, professional and available.

The Result

Bryan loves his stove and finds it almost funny how small it is compared to his house as well as some of his neighbor’s furnaces. It’s simple to use and he loads it twice a day. The G100 heats to the proper temperature and shuts off to eliminate smoldering and wasted wood. Bryan loves how easy the furnace is to maintain and the lack of smoke from the unit. He keeps his house around 69˚ and only burns 4-4.5 cords per winter. He believes he can make the furnace even more efficient in time.

Bryan still uses a bit of heating oil but his consumption went from 600 gallons per year down to 100 and he’s trying to get it even lower.

Bryan is very happy with the HeatMasterss team and his experience with the company and will heartily recommend HeatMasterss to his friends.

Bryan J – Maine

The Situation

Moe’s home was built in 1890, and has very little insulation and old windows. He is heating the 3000 square foot house, plus domestic hot water and a swimming pool with an electric furnace. This has become very expensive and Moe was looking for an affordable alternative. He had some experience with wood stoves in the past but found they weren’t very efficient.


The Decision

Ultimately, Moe and his wife decided to purchase a G200 because he liked how efficient the furnace was.  He also had a dealer nearby (Homer Freeman) who was very knowledgeable, friendly and willing to help.  Homer invited Moe to his home to see the furnace he had running on his property and that clinched it. Moe was also impressed with the warranty and after-sales support.


The Installation

Homer Freeman installed the furnace for Moe and made it a simple, worry-free process. In the beginning, Moe had a little problem with the operation of the furnace but after about a month, he learned the best way to load the furnace and when. Moe is very pleased with the small amount of maintenance required.


The Result

Moe is enjoying his energy independence and no longer fears getting his utility bill. In fact, he has already saved about $3000 in the first year. He really likes how clean it is; there is no wood, smoke or mess inside of the house and wife appreciates that the mess stays outside.

Moe S. – Tennessee