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MF eSeries

Introducing our Multi-Fuel Furnace, where simplicity meets reliability.

With its versatile design and robust construction, this furnace offers hassle-free operation and simple maintenance.

Enjoy energy independence through fuel flexibility, and straightforward controls.

Two Reasons to Choose a
Multi-Fuel Furnace

Fuel Flexibility

Seasoned wood will improve your effeciency. But, unlike a G series furnace, the MF can burn greener wood.

Heating on a budget

MF boilers may not be as effecient as the G series boilers, but if you’re looking to save money up front this may be the right option for you.

  • Easy View Water Level Gauge

    Highly visible from a distance.

  • Triple Pass Exhaust

    Provides maximum heat transfer into the water jacket.

    The MF 20000e uses a double pass exhaust.

  • Deep Oval Firebox

    This design allows for more efficient heat transfer, extra strength and fewer welds with no corners for ash to collect in. The extra deep firebox works particularly well for coal burning and keeps the door cooler.

  • Dump Feature

    Opens the grates wider to easily clean out ash and clinkers.

  • Forced Air Draft with Actuator

    Creates a very hot burn allowing your furnace to quickly react to your heating demands.

  • Heavy Duty Shaker Grates

    Rocking the grates allows the ash to drop into the stainless steel ash pan.

  • Easy Clean Ash Pan

    Removable ash pan makes ash clean up quick and easy.

The MF Advantage

A – Easy To Clean

The shaker grates and removable ash pan makes weekly cleaning a breeze.

B – Easy Installation

Our boilers have a large and easily accessible utility door on the back of the unit. All our boilers come with valves installed at the factory so all that’s left to do is connect your pumps and pipes.

C – Efficiency And Simplicity

While the MF boiler is a more traditional design, efficiency is still taken into consideration. The bypass chamber at the top of the unit keeps that hot smoke and gasses in the boiler longer. This allows more heat to transfer to the water before leaving the chimney. Check out the video to see it in action.



Small but mighty, the MF 3000e outdoor coal furnace incorporates all the workmanship and quality of a HeatMasterss furnace in a compact package while still heating a comfortably sized building.

  • Approx. Heating Space*
    3,000sq. ft.
  • Maximum BTU’s**
  • Water Capacity (US Gallons)
    60 gallons
  • Outlets
    1 set of 1” feed and return
  • Weight
    950 lbs
  • Chimney Size
  • Firebox (L” x W” x H”)
    28 x 24 x 32
  • Firebox Door (L” x W” x H”)
    16 x 18
  • Dimensions*** (L” x W” x H”)
    52 x 36 x 78

*Well-insulated building. **BTU’s are approximate and will vary widely depending on fuel quality. *** Height of the furnace is to the top of the lift hook

HeatMasterSS MF 5000e outdoor coal furnace

The MF 5000e has that bit of extra capacity for larger homes or out buildings coupled with all the design, efficiency and quality that HeatMasterss customers have come to expect.

  • Approx. Heating Space*
    5,000sq. ft.
  • Maximum BTU’s**
  • Water Capacity (US Gallons)
    125 gallons
  • Weight
    1,300 lbs
  • Outlets
    2 sets of 1” feeds and returns
  • Chimney Size
  • Firebox (L” x W” x H”)
    34 x 31 x 38
  • Firebox Door (L” x W” x H”)
    20 x 20
  • Dimensions*** (L” x W” x H”)
    56 x 49 x 84

Our MF 7000e furnace is a comfortable fit for adding a shop or shed with it’s 7,000 square foot heating capacity. A very flexible solution.

  • Approx. Heating Space*
    7,500sq. ft.
  • Maximum BTU’s**
  • Water Capacity (US Gallons)
    180 gallons
  • Weight
    1,700 lbs
  • Chimney Size
  • Outlets
    2 sets of 1” feeds and returns
  • Firebox (L” x W” x H”)
    46 x 34 x 40
  • Firebox Door (L” x W” x H”)
    24 x 24
  • Dimensions*** (L” x W” x H”)
    69 x 49 x 89

*Well-insulated building. **BTU’s are approximate and will vary widely depending on fuel quality. *** Height of the furnace is to the top of the lift hook


The large capacity of the MF 10000e makes it ideal for heavy duty heating. Make the most of your coal supply with this powerful unit.

  • Approx. Heating Space*
    10,000sq. ft.
  • Maximum BTU’s**
  • Water Capacity (US Gallons)
  • Weight (lbs)
  • Outlets
    2 sets of 1.5” feeds and returns
  • Chimney Size
  • Firebox (L” x W” x H”)
    56 x 34 x 42
  • Firebox Door (L” x W” x H”)
    24 x 24
  • Dimensions*** (L” x W” x H”)
    81 x 51 x 93

*Well-insulated building. **BTU’s are approximate and will vary widely depending on fuel quality. *** Height of the furnace is to the top of the lift hook


The largest unit we make is ready for anything. Four sets of feeds on the back make it a natural to heat multiple structures with ease.

  • Approx. Heating Space*
    20,000sq. ft.
  • Maximum BTU’s**
  • Water Capacity (US Gallons)
    555 gallons
  • Weight
    4,000 lbs
  • Outlets
    4 sets of 1.5” feeds and returns
  • Chimney Size
  • Firebox (L” x W” x H”)
    60 x 52 x 52
  • Firebox Door (L” x W” x H”)
    42 x 30
  • Dimensions*** (L” x W” x H”)
    98 x 82 x 100

*Well-insulated building. **BTU’s are approximate and will vary widely depending on fuel quality. *** Height of the furnace is to the top of the lift hook

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Four Reasons to Choose
a HeatMasterss Furnace

  • Achieve Energy Independence

    Take control of your family’s budget and eliminate your heating bill with clean burning wood heat. Fossil fuel prices fluctuate but wood heat is consistently economical.

  • Industry Leading Efficiency

    The G Series continues to be a leader in innovation with the highest efficiency ratings on the market, according to rigorous 3rd party testing. Using less wood means less loading, more heat!

  • Greater Heating Capacity & Longer Burn Times

    A larger firebox gives 20-40% more heating capacity for the same price or much longer burn times.

  • Save Time, Labor & Money

    Our innovative Tornado Combustion Chamber (Patent Pending) provides a cleaner, more complete combustion, reducing fuel costs and your time preparing and loading wood.

  • Extend Your Heating Season to Reduce Energy Costs

    The new G Series can adjust its BTU output during periods of low heat demand while maintaining efficiency and reducing fuel requirements. Enjoy unlimited domestic hot water year-round or add a hot tub or pool.

  • Cruise Control for Your Boiler

    The G Series is the only outdoor furnace that measures the exhaust and adjusts the air to guarantee the best real world performance and efficiency.

  • Stay Clean & Safe While Loading

    The Smokeless Loading Handle turns on the fan and vacuums the smoke up the chimney and away from you while loading.

  • Simplified Cleaning & Maintenance

    No brushes, scrapers, chains or tools needed to clean your heat exchangers! Instead, the EZ Clean Handle makes quick and easy work of cleaning the heat exchange tubes.

  • Stay Out of the Weather with Indoor Installation

    Most furnaces can only be installed outdoors, but the G Series is UL listed and CSA approved for installation in a garage, shop, or other outbuildings.

  • Optimal performance in all places and at all times.

  • Designed with a Purpose

    Our in-house team of engineers design every aspect of our furnaces to achieve maximum performance and longevity in real-world applications. From the water jacket to the wiring, the G Series is fabricated to be the longest-lasting, most rugged furnace available.

  • Best-In-Industry Lifetime Limited Warranty

    We back each furnace with our best-in-industry Lifetime Limited Warranty so you can sleep easy knowing your investment is safe.

  • Titanium Enhanced 409 Stainless Steel

    Resists Corrosion
    Withstands Higher Continuous Temperatures
    Transfers More Heat
    Doesn’t Crack or Warp

  • Rigorous Testing and Quality Control

    Our ISO 9001 Certified Manufacturing Processes, extensive field testing, and ongoing quality control checks mean world-class consistency in every furnace we build.

  • A Network of Dealers Committed to You

    From expert advice to installation and after-sale service, our network of qualified dealers are at your service whenever you need them.

  • A Commitment to Family

    When you purchase your HeatMasterss furnace, you join an extended family of employees, owners, and dealers across North America.


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