Boiler/Heater Combustion: How a Wood Furnace Works

Energy alternatives aren’t new or revolutionary ideas. In fact many of them – such as windmills and waterwheels – are ancient ideas that have been around for centuries. Boiler combustion – another not-so-new idea- is an energy alternative that has been around since the 1790s.

More heat with less wood

High-efficiency boiler combustion “gasifies” the solid fuel. It is basically staged combustion. The process of wood gasification uses a tiny amount of oxygen converting wood to “syngas” or synthetic gas that has a lot of energy potential. The whole process is controlled by small thermal events within the combustion boiler. Because the process is so efficient, outdoor wood furnaces can burn between 30 to 50% less fuel than their traditional counterpart.

The Process of Staged Boiler Combustion

Gasification is like an operating system. With fire, you are unlocking the sun’s energy that is stored inside the wood. Once you know the code of how to use fire properly, you can reassemble the process for the production of clean and high-efficient energy. This code can be complex if you really want to get into the chemistry of it so we’re going to make it simple.

The 3 main components of hydronic heater combustion

Low Temperature Burn: when you apply enough heat to wood it burns. We typically do this in a wood stove where wood, fire and oxygen combine to produce heat. In a boiler, heat from the coal bed is applied evaporating the water and starting the breakdown of the wood. The higher the water content the more energy this takes.

Medium Temperature Burn: at about 550 degrees the wood starts to break down into charcoal and releases a combination of solids, liquids, and gasses.

High Temperature Burn: from there the gasses and smoke are drawn down into the coal bed where air is introduced to create a fire that can burn up to 2,000 degrees.

After the energy is released it can be used to produce heat and energy for whatever you need it for. The final stage is capturing that energy by heating water.

Heat Transfer: the hot exhaust transfers the heat to water storage before leaving through the chimney. Up to 95% of the wood energy is used to provide heat or energy where you need it.

By optimizing this process, the G Series wood furnace has improved efficiency, reduced emissions, and consistent performance in all conditions.

How our G-series works

Our modern outdoor wood furnace takes advantage of the latest developments in heating technology. The combustion boiler is set up outside your home and heat exchangers transfer the heat from the water into your building[s]. In most cases, it can be easily connected to your existing heating system.

Our Heatmasterss G Series efficiently turns well-seasoned wood into heat through the following steps:

Clean and efficient wood furnaces

Wood heating has come of age. As a renewable resource, wood is both an environmentally friendly fuel source and abundant. In a wood furnace, the trapped energy from wood is used to maximum benefit. The flue gases released from combustion boilers are at a much lower temperature since they have transferred up to 95% of the heat into the water.

Our G Series model was designed with the optimum number and size of heat exchange tubes to match the desired output of the furnace so you know it will never run out of heat. The combustion chamber provides clean and complete performance that reduces your fuel costs and saves you time and effort loading and cleaning the furnace.

Uses for Wood Furnaces

Wood furnaces have a variety of application and can be used to heat your:

If you want to cut your utility bill and enjoy unlimited hot water while heating year-round, a Heatmasterss wood furnace is your ticket to energy independence.

The Heatmasterss Advantage

Heatmasterss has done all the thinking for you so you don’t have to. From home monitoring to precise mixing of oxygen and fuel, we have designed a wood furnace that combines maximum performance with longevity.

Our network of professional dealers are at your service to provide installation, advice, and after sale service whenever you need them.

Find the right outdoor wood furnace for your heating needs.