Choosing The Best Outdoor Wood Boiler

An outdoor wood furnace is a long-term investment in the independence and peace of mind your family deserves. Imagine endless hot water and a steady, even warmth throughout your home and no monthly heating bill. When it comes to choosing the best outdoor wood boiler, there are a few categories and features you’ll want to look for. Those include: ease of use, efficiency and on-going savings, materials for quality and longevity, and warranty and customer support for your peace of mind. 

1. Is The Furnace Easy To Use?

When choosing the best outdoor wood boiler, you want a product that is not only dependable but easy to operate for both you and family members who will use the furnace when you are away. 

On a HeatMasterss G Series, our Smokeless Loading Handle means loading your furnace without a face full of smoke. The Smokeless Loading Handle turns on the fan and vacuums smoke up the chimney and away from your face and clothes while adding more wood to the firebox.

When it comes to cleaning, the EZ Clean Handle makes quick work of cleaning your heat exchange tubes.

The G Series is also UL listed and CSA approved, meaning you can install the furnace indoors such as in a garage, shop or other outbuilding.

2. Efficiency and Maximizing Your Burn Times – Will The Furnace Save You Money?

When looking at purchasing an outdoor wood boiler, the most common questions are:

-How much wood will I need? That last thing anyone wants is to run out of firewood in the middle of winter.

-How often will I be loading the firebox? Loading the furnace every four hours is a lot more work than once in the morning and again in the evening.

Efficiency means using less wood and having to load the furnace less often, and it’s one of the main reasons people choose to move from a traditional boiler to a gasification unit. Gasification furnaces go the extra step to use the smoke as a fuel source, which means less emissions and more heat from your wood to heat your home.

The HeatMasterss G Series remains the leader with the highest efficiency ratings on the market, according to rigorous 3rd party testing. Combined with other intentional design changes like a larger firebox and longer combustion chamber, the G Series aims to reduce your fuel costs and maximize your burn times.

The G Series also works hard behind the scenes to measure the exhaust and adjust the air intake to optimize for performance and efficiency.

3. How Long Can I Expect It To Last?

Another differentiating factor between boilers is construction quality, which impacts longevity. A well-maintained stainless steel boiler should give you many years of comfortable, trouble free heat.

What you should be looking for when choosing the best outdoor wood boiler is Titanium Enhanced 409 Stainless Steel on the firebox and fire jacket (anywhere water or heat touches steel) because it resists corrosion. Titanium-enhanced Stainless Steel is coated with a chromium film so it won’t corrode from wet ashes or creosote in your firebox, sweating on your water jacket, or other corrosive elements in your water. 

Titanium Enhanced Stainless Steel can also withstand higher continuous temperatures, something your boiler will be producing day after day. It also transfers more heat, which means BTUs transfer to your water jacket at a higher rate, saving you more fuel.

Finally, Titanium Enhanced Stainless Steel has a low Thermal Expansion Rate, which means it won’t crack or warp in a high heat environment.

And unlike Titanium Enhanced 409 Stainless Steel, mild steel has very little resistance to corrosion and has a low continuous temperature tolerance. 

4. Warranty and Customer Support – The HeatMasterss Advantage

When it comes to peace of mind and protecting your investment, you’ll want to take a close look at the warranty whenever you make a large purchase.

At HeatMasterss, we take warranty very seriously. And are proud to offer the best-in-industry Lifetime Limited Warranty, nearly twice as long as the leading mild steel competitor. That means you can rest easy knowing your investment is safe and secure.

But perhaps the greatest asset is the HeatMasterss dealer network of committed, professional and generally amazing human beings. From expert advice to installation and after sale support, our trained and qualified dealers go the extra mile whenever you need them.


An outdoor wood boiler is an important purchase that often involves a lot of research, and it should be because it affects your whole family. But if you keep these four categories in mind, you will be able to choose the best outdoor wood boiler for your unique heating needs.

HeatMasterss is a family-owned company that has been manufacturing outdoor furnaces for over 20 years. Our mission is simple; help families achieve heating independence and save money.

If you have any questions or want to learn more, we’d love to hear from you today!