Free Wood Means Free Heat for the Zell Family

The Zell family is the latest to say goodbye to their heating bill this winter with a new G7000. And having a wooded property, free wood means free heat.

Devon runs Timberline Ranch with his family in the rural area of Cochrane, Alberta. He also works as a power engineer operating a SAGD family in Northern Alberta.

“I’ve always wanted a boiler that I could run at my place with wood as a heat source,” he says. “I love doing wood on our ranch because it’s free of charge, I just have to go get it!”

Wood Transport

Devon’s five-year-old son hooking up a sling to pull dead fall out of the forest near their ranch.

With his new HeatMasterss wood furnace, he’s saying goodbye to his $200/month gas bill. “With carbon taxes going up, the saving will only

Zell Family 2

Maintaining a firewood pile also means sustainability and maintaining the surrounding forest from becoming a large fire hazard.


And even though wood is free, efficiency and longer run times were a major factor in the family choosing HeatMasterss, as well as the warranty.

And like many, running a wood boiler is a decision for the whole family.

“My two boys, 7 and 5, help out lots. We often spend the whole day out with a picnic,” he says. “And my wife keeps the fire going for me when I’m working the ranch or working up north.”

Going from an indoor wood stove to an outdoor wood boiler also provides a feeling of safety having the fire outside the house.

Welcome, Zell’s to the extended HeatMasterss family!

We understand how frustrating it can be to spend hundreds of dollars every month on heating bills based on spiking fuel costs. 

That’s why for over 20 years, HeatMasterss has been engineering dependable and efficient furnaces to give people like you control over your heating budget, while enjoying the unlimited hot water and a toasty, even heat throughout your home.

If you are ready to join the mission for heating independence, use the Price Your Furnace tool to find the furnace for your unique heating needs, and the Find a Dealer page will connect you with your nearest experienced dealer for installation. 

Stop burdening your monthly household budget on fuel costs and start saving this winter!

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