Wood Pellets for Heating: Outdoor Pellet Furnace Advantages

Wood Pellets for Heating: Outdoor Pellet Furnace Advantages

Being free of constant monthly energy bills while keeping your business and family warm in the dead of winter may seem like a fantasy. The constant fluctuation of energy costs and uncertainty of fossil fuel prices makes it hard to stay on budget. However, outdoor wood pellet furnaces are gaining popularity as more people discover the advantages of biomass boilers for flexibility and freedom.

Outdoor Pellet Furnaces

Outdoor wood pellet systems for heating are based on an old technology. As people moved from caves to homes they discovered all the uses for fire, going from campfires to controlling fire and heat in boxes like fireplaces and stoves.

About 180 years ago, the gasification method, developed by William Murdock, spread throughout Europe and people began powering their homes with hydronic boilers. Water boilers combined the process of burning fuel for heat and heating water by putting a jacket of water around the firebox.

Eventually, boilers evolved, becoming more efficient and able to burn a variety of fuels, like wood pellets, giving people more options to choose from.

What are Wood Pellets?

Typically made from compacted sawdust and wood waste in the milling of lumber, wood pellets are a cost-effective way to stay warm and toasty during the cold winter months.

Tons of wood fiber waste is generated every year and much of that often ends up in landfills. But with wood pellets the wood fiber and sawdust are made into economical fuel that are clean burning and compact. Wood pellets are small in size but often dusty so the best way to feed them into a wood boiler is through an automated system.

Advantages of a Wood Pellet Heating System

Most people think of wood pellets as being a fuel for an indoor stove but when used in outdoor boilers it expands the ways you can heat while offering a number of benefits.

Lower Heating Costs

Wood pellet boilers can reduce excessive heating costs by buying in bulk, typically a ton at a time. Because wood pellets are a recycled waste product their density and low moisture content make for a more efficient burn which creates less ash.

Consistent Warmth

Adding a pellet boiler to your home provides the same level of comfort (or better) than traditional fuels such as oil, natural gas, or propane. Because the cost of heating your home is lower you can turn up the temperature a bit and enjoy the extra comfort knowing it isn’t costing an arm and a leg.

More Convenient

Cutting, hauling, and stacking firewood can be a huge time investment for those who don’t enjoy it, or don’t wood easily available to them. Wood pellets don’t require any extra effort. They can be delivered to your home by a local dealer and provide an extra boost to the local economy while you enjoy the extra time.

Outdoor Wood Pellet Furnaces are Versatile

Wood pellet heating systems can be used in:

Almost any home or business can be retrofitted with a wood pellet furnace. Wood pellets are easy to transport and often can be delivered in bulk to your home.

Environmental Impact of Wood Pellet Burners

Clean burning and environmentally-friendly, wood pellet fuel helps decrease your dependence on fossil fuel and keeps tons of wood waste from going into a landfill. As a cost-effective alternative to oil, propane, or natural gas, wood pellet burners are up to 90 percent efficient.

Additionally, it is more convenient than firewood for heating large areas. Properly burning wood pellet fuel releases the same amount of carbon as decomposing biomatter, making it carbon-neutral. Since wood pellets are produced from wood waste and forest-thinning byproducts they are a renewable energy source that is budget-friendly.

Using Wood Pellets to Heat Your Home

Using wood pellets for heating your home is pretty simple. Pellet boilers have integrated bins that can be filled every few days in cold weather. By adding hoppers to your system you can extend this time to more than a week.

Simply order your wood pellets for delivery, fill your storage bin, ignite the system, and enjoy the warmth. The design of the boiler transfers heat from the fire to the water jacket which then runs through pipes to the heating system in your home or outbuildings.

The ease of use gives you unlimited heat and hot water for large spaces while offering energy independence from large monthly energy bills. Because you don’t have to handle firewood the process is convenient and less effort.

HeatMasterss B Series furnaces come with automated fuel feeding, walking fire grate, ignitor, and ash removal making heating your home and business trouble-free. You can even monitor your system remotely.

The HeatMasterss Advantage

The HeatMasterss team designs our B Series Multi-Fuel Biomass Furnace with a fully automated and high-efficiency design that gets our customers a rapid return on investment. By combining the best materials with expert engineering, HeatMasterss has created the most rugged and longest-lasting furnaces available.

Our furnaces are made with Titanium stainless steel that resists corrosion, can withstand higher continuous temperature, and transfers more heat to save you fuel. The B Series comes with automated features that keep every step of the process efficient, safe, and easy. All you have to do is make sure there is fuel in the bin.

Talk with our team about the advantages of an outdoor wood pellet furnace to see if it’s right for you and your family — find a local HeatMasterss dealer near you.