3 Signs You Need To Replace Your Old Wood Furnace

There are a few important signs to watch for that might be telling you it’s time to replace your aging wood furnace or indoor stove. 

Ignoring these signs can be costly to your wallet and your health. But by installing a modern wood furnace you can save more money, improve your health and well-being, and make your home more inviting.


Old wood furnace


It May Be Time to Replace Your Old Furnace When…

We asked our customers why they were upgrading to a new outdoor wood furnace and here are some of the reasons they shared:

“My old heating system isn’t keeping up — my 20-year-old boiler sprung a leak, my indoor wood stove creates a mess, etc. I’ve always liked wood heat and it’s time for the best!”

“We’re gonna take the wood stove out and want an outside boiler to cut down on dirt, smoke, etc. in the house. We’re also gonna build a garage and need to heat it, too.”

“Our oil boiler died. We are running electric heaters throughout plus a pellet furnace and our electric bill to heat only 2000 sq. ft. was almost $1,200 this month…..plus the cost of a pallet of wood pellets which ran us $356.”

Here are other common comments we’ve heard:

Overall, it boils down to three common signs it’s time to replace your wood furnace:

  1. Safety and comfort concerns
  2. Performance and efficiency issues
  3. Structural integrity problems

Let’s take a deeper look…


#1 Safety and Comfort Concerns

These are all telltale signs your furnace is having some troubles; parts are wearing out or broken, regular maintenance isn’t cutting it, etc. You’re likely to spot these offenders accumulating on fittings, pipes, and moving pieces.

The particulate matter from furnace soot, dust, and smoke can hang in the air and even make its way to circulate throughout your home or workplace. This can be worse with indoor stoves as they can make your house or office seem dirty, carry an unpleasant smell, and potentially damage your furnishings and décor. Most notably, though, they can harm people, pets, and plants.


#2 You’re Experiencing Insufficient, Inconsistent, or Inefficient Heating.

Maybe your aging furnace isn’t the mighty workhorse it once was 20 years ago. Productivity is bound to decline over time.

This can translate into rooms that used to get cozy now having a constant chill or sometimes a space is comfortably toasty while other times it’s a freeze-or-fry scenario.

Other symptoms of an inefficient furnace include a shorter burn time and difficult or poor performance. A system that’s functioning suboptimally may require more fuel for the same heat output as in its youth. You might also find it harder to get inefficient furnaces to start or stay on.

Meanwhile, newer, modern outdoor furnaces are vastly more efficient — producing more heat with less fuel. You can spend less money and still warm more space for longer.

Plus, some boilers are eligible for significant US tax credits.


replacing wood furnace


#3 There’s Evidence of Rust, Corrosion, Warping, Cracking, or Broken Parts.

No matter how well you care for your furnace, over many burning seasons it will start showing signs of wear and tear. Time and usage will take their toll!

Environmental conditions (like humidity) can lead to rust. Burning combustible materials inevitably results in corrosive build-up. You can wind up with warped steel, cracked seams and seals, broken doors, and so on simply by operating your system.

Replacing your wood furnace may seem like a huge expense. But, upon closer examination — it can be a wise investment and actually be cheaper in the long-term. You may be able to spend less on:

It has a real impact on the smooth and efficient running of your heating system and the dent your energy bills make in your wallet.


Fire in an old wood furnace


Keep Your Home Warm and Safe with HeatMasterss Outdoor Furnaces

Owning an old or worn-out wood furnace can be riddled with costly and potentially dangerous problems. Your best bet could be replacing your wood furnace with a newer, more efficient model that’s safer, easier to use and maintain, and could save you money at the end of the day.

A simple way to leave your furnace frustrations behind is to get a new heating system from HeatMasterss. Our wood furnaces, which feature corrosion-resistant Titanium-fortified stainless steel, are designed and built to last. They can withstand the rigors of continuous use and extreme environments. Plus, they’re incredibly efficient — so you save on fuel.

Contact our knowledgeable staff today for help picking out the best model for your needs.