What is Coal Combustion? How Outdoor Coal Furnaces Gasify

Coal might seem a little old school but for hundreds of thousands of homes across the country, coal is still king. Less work than wood, high quality coal can keep homes both large and small warm and toasty without any splitting, stacking or seasoning. Additionally, coal prices are relatively stable compared to other forms of energy. Although coal may not be easily available for certain areas, many households in the eastern United States find it to be a cost effective option to heat their home, pool, hot tub, outbuildings, or other applications. So what is coal combustion? Here’s how outdoor coal furnaces gasify.

Coal Combustion

Coal combustion is a chemical process that breaks down coal into small building blocks. In a coal furnace, heat and pressure work to break down coal into its chemical building blocks which results in syngas. The syngas is burned to heat water that can then be used to heat your home, barn, garage, shop, or greenhouse. In a coal burning furnace, heat is produced when coal is introduced to fire and oxygen, breaking the chemical bonds between carbon and hydrogen. The key ingredient to this process is oxygen, which is provided by the forced air draft in the Heatmasterss C series, and thus creates a very hot burn.

Coal gasification is much more efficient than conventional coal-burning stoves because it uses the gases produced to heat a variety of things in and around your home such as water heaters and barns. Outdoor coal burning furnaces also require no house chimney, reducing maintenance and indoor mess. However, coal does produce a lot of ash. For every 50 pounds of coal burned, approximately 5 to 10 pounds of ash is produced, meaning you will need to keep up on regular cleanings. Heatmasterss cast iron shaker grates and removable steel ash pan are designed to make cleaning easy. Simply shake the grates and pull out the ash pan to remove the ash.

Coal Combustion Emissions

Using high quality coal like anthracite means that less ash, sulfur and smoke are produced per million BTUs. Carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide are both the result of incomplete combustion. The goal of an efficient outdoor coal burning boiler like the Heatmasterss C series is to achieve complete combustion so that almost all of the energy in the coal is released and used. With optimized combustion, maximum heat is transferred into the water jacket of the boiler and less pollutants are released through the chimney.

Coal Combustion Efficiency

Outdoor coal boilers are generally uncomplicated units and designed to be easily used by anyone. Older outdoor coal furnaces are typically 56% to 70% efficient whereas newer boilers convert nearly all of the coal fuel to energy for heating your home. Finding a coal combustion furnace that is the right capacity for your home and applications is important for the best efficiency. Things to consider are the square footage of your home and outbuildings, insulation, climate, and if you have other applications you want to heat such as water heaters or pools. Heatmasterss C series comes in a variety of sizes so you can find the right solution for your needs.

How Coal Furnaces Work with Existing Heating Systems

Hydronic systems like coal combustion boilers work in a closed loop. Because the pipes in the systems are easy to insulate and the water retains heat longer than air, coal furnaces use less energy than a forced air system. Hydronic coal heating systems can be connected to your home or outbuildings via a heat exchange system that takes the heated water and distributes it through either a radiant heat system or water-to-air heat exchanger.

Ensure Energy Independence

Our HeatMasterss C Series is designed to work with coal so you can reduce your heating bill and get more out of your coal burn. We have designed our firebox with no corners so there are fewer places for ash to collect, resulting in more efficient heat transfer. The timer keeps the coal bed alive when idling and the forced air draft allows your furnace to react quickly when you need more heat. With five options to choose from, you are sure to find the solution you need.

The HeatMasterss Advantage

An outdoor coal burning furnace offers you and your family a way to safely and easily take control of your heating bills. HeatMasterss combustion coal furnaces are designed with the features and benefits that give you quality, efficiency, and performance for a variety of applications.

The HeatMasterss team is always improving our outdoor furnaces so you can live in comfort and freedom. Our outdoor coal burning furnaces come with convenient features such as a forced air fan and a deep oval firebox to achieve longer burn times, reduced cleaning, and optimal performance in all conditions. We designed our coal combustion furnaces with simple cleaning and maintenance options that keeps everything running smoothly. Talk with our team about the advantages of an outdoor coal burning furnace to see if it’s right for you and your family— find a local HeatMasterss dealer near you.