Winter Home Heating with an Outdoor Furnace

Staying Warm without Breaking the Bank

As winter sets in we are ready for holidays, hot cocoa, sweaters, and cozy nights by the fire. But keeping our homes consistently and efficiently warm throughout winter can prove a challenge even with a fireplace or wood stove.

The most common ways to heat a home are electricity, gas, oil and wood— all of which have pros and cons to them. For most of us the question is: how can we heat our home affordably and efficiently?

The rising cost of heating your home

Depending on where you live the fluctuating cost of natural gas and electricity can make heating your home expensive. The quick solution is turning to wood. Historically wood has heated everything from tents to castles, standing the test of time pretty well. Readily available in most places, wood gives you the power to be self-reliant (and gives you a cardio workout if you are chopping your own wood).

Do you have enough fuel for the winter?

The main issue with burning wood in indoor fireplaces is that it isn’t efficient. It takes a lot of wood to heat your home through the whole winter, even if you are using an efficient wood stove. In a long, hard winter your wood pile will need to be significant to keep up with heating your home or you risk running out. Not ideal.

Keep Your Home Warm with an Outdoor Furnace

With an outdoor furnace you can take advantage of the benefits of burning wood, coal, or biomass and heat your home efficiently all through winter. HeatMasterss outdoor furnaces are made to optimally perform in all places at all times. Our engineers have designed our boilers to work in all seasons, any elevation and with a variety of fuel conditions so you can be confident that you and your family will never have to brave the cold.

How an Outdoor Boiler Works

Outdoor furnaces work on a simple concept— essentially it is a firebox surrounded by a water jacket. The process of heating that water is done through chemistry in action called gasification.

Gasification for winter home heating

In a nutshell, gasification is the process of producing syngas which is the breaking down of fuel into gases which are then efficiently burned with little or no waste. Outdoor furnaces have two chambers. When wood or other fuel is put into the firebox it is heated, with limited air, so that it emits gasses (or smoke) that flow into the secondary chamber.

There oxygen is introduced to burn the smoke at high temperatures producing an extremely clean burn. The heat produced is then transferred to water in the jacket that is then used to heat a home.

Outdoor Furnaces Provide Clean Winter Heat

This gasification process in outdoor furnaces produces far less emissions than a wood stove, burning up to 90% of the energy in the wood, coal or biomass. It also creates longer burn times and greatly increases the fuel’s use. By taking advantage of the latest in heating technology innovations, outdoor furnaces transform fuel into energy efficient heat so the high cost of heating in winter is reduced or eliminated.

Finding the Right Outdoor Furnace for Winter Heating

When looking to heat your home in the winter, there are a lot of advantages to an outdoor boiler. Choose the right furnace for you by calculating the size you need and deciding what fuel is best for you.

Determine your home heating needs

Heat output is measured in BTUs. To find out how many BTUs you need to heat your home you need to know the square feet. If you don’t know the square feet you will have to measure your space and think about how warm you want it to be.

Also consider if you have water heaters, outbuildings, garages, or pools you also would like to heat. There are also other factors to consider, such as insulation, ceiling height, and windows which HeatMasterss dealers are trained to factor in to get you the right outdoor furnace for your needs.

Choosing your fuel

Wood has a long history of being a renewable means of producing winter home heat. Alternative fuels such as coal and biomass also give you cold house heating solutions for wherever ever live. Wood, coal, or biomass fuel options mean you choose what works best for you. No matter what fuel you use the energy trapped in the fuel is used to maximum benefit through the gasification process.

Freedom to do more

HeatMasterss outdoor boilers work with almost any existing heating system and are easy to install. Once installed, the large firebox allows you to spend more time doing the things you want without managing your fuel. The HeatMasterss home monitoring system allows you to check on your furnace from anywhere on your home network. And with our EZ Clean Handle, cleaning and maintenance just takes minutes.

Achieve Energy Independence

The whole system is pretty simple. Outdoor furnaces are flexible and will help put money back into your pocket and keep the frustration of heating in winter a thing of the past. You and your family will always stay warm. With an outdoor boiler you gain control of your home energy consumption and relieve the burden of unpredictable bills.

The HeatMasterSS Advantage

Time is something that you can never get back which is why HeatMasterss builds furnaces to give you freedom. We offer innovative features that save you time and effort while avoiding the mess. Our outdoor furnaces come with modulating air dampers and oxygen sensors to keep you in control.

We know that an outdoor furnace is a long term investment in the safety and comfort of your family which is why we offer features, advantages, and benefits you need. Our engineers are continually researching, finding innovative ways to improve our products so you can live in comfort and freedom.

Talk with a local HeatMasterss dealer near you to get started and find the right outdoor wood furnace for your winter home heating needs.