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Outdoor Furnaces for In-Floor & Baseboard Heating: A Guide

If you’re looking for an efficient, cost-effective way to heat your home, consider the benefits of burning an outdoor furnace and installing radiant floor heating or hydronic baseboard heaters. In this guide, we will discuss the benefits of both and how to maximize warmth and savings.   Floor Heating Radiant floor heating is,…

The complete guide to rhinoflex piping

The Complete Guide to Rhinoflex Piping

One of the most important decisions you can make after buying an outdoor furnace is the type of piping system that’s going to deliver your heat. Using the best insulated piping system with your outdoor furnace is a critical investment that will lessen heat loss and maximize efficiency. Flexible pre-insulated piping systems deliver…

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How to Melt Ice on a Driveway with an Outdoor Furnace

The winter months can be brutal on your walk and driveways, not to mention your back. Most of us break out the shovel or snow blower and salt to keep sidewalks and walkways snow and ice-free – a constant process that can be time-consuming and hazardous. But did you know you can keep…

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How to Choose the Right Outdoor Furnace Size for Your House

Choosing the right outdoor furnace is key to saving money and keeping fuel consumption down. Here’s how you pick the right size for your home and shop. Important Factors When It Comes to Picking a Furnace Boiler furnace capacity is measured in BTUs, which stands for British thermal units. One BTU is the…

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Biomass Combustion: How Your Outdoor Biomass Boiler Works

Today’s high-efficiency biomass boilers are carefully designed to operate with little smoke emissions or odor. But how do they work?  Biomass Combustion Biomass boilers produce energy through the process of single stage gasification where two chemical ingredients – a biomass fuel and oxygen – are combined in a high heat environment to create…

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What is Coal Combustion? How Outdoor Coal Furnaces Gasify

Coal might seem a little old school but for hundreds of thousands of homes across the country, coal is still king. Less work than wood, high quality coal can keep homes both large and small warm and toasty without any splitting, stacking or seasoning. Additionally, coal prices are relatively stable compared to other…

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Fuel Types for Outdoor Furnaces: Which is Best for You?

The type of fuel your outdoor furnace runs on is going to be a big factor in your operating costs and environmental impact. It is important to think through the various types of outdoor furnace fuel and buy the boiler that is going to be the best for your lifestyle and geographical area….

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Wood Chips as Fuel— Benefits of Using a Wood Chip Boiler

Wood Chips as Fuel – Benefits of Using a Wood Chip Boiler More and more people are looking for secure, flexible, cost effective ways to heat their home or commercial building while lowering their carbon footprint. Outdoor biomass boilers are a not-so-new technology that is gaining popularity due to their environmental benefits and…

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Installing an Outdoor Furnace to Your Forced Air System

Before we get started with this guide we want to remind you to check your local codes and regulations before you get started. This is also just a guide – there are going to be things we don’t cover. If you are unsure of anything you can contact a local HeatMasterss dealer who…