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Boiler Basics

Not Sure Where to Start? Explore our Boiler Basics page, everything you need to know before purchasing an outdoor furnace

Learn More About Outdoor Furnaces

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Installation & Maintenance Guides

Everything you need to know about installing and maintaining your furnace

Outdoor Furnace Applications

From outbuildings and driveways to unlimited hot water for showers and hot tubs, discover the many ways you can use an outdoor furnace.

The Benefits of an Outdoor Furnace

Why HeatMasterss may be the right choice for your family

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Animations Get an better idea of how heating with hydronics works

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How do B Series Furnaces work?

Take a deeper look at how the B Series furnace works.

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How does Wood Gasification Work?

Take a deeper look at the process of wood gasification inside a HeatMasterSS G Series furnace.

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How An Outdoor Wood Furnace Heats Your Home

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How our dual modulating dampers work?

Heatmaster offers a versatile system that adapts seamlessly to your specific requirements, whether you’re dealing with elevated locations or varying wood moisture levels, ensuring optimal performance every time.

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How does Airflow work in a G series furnace?

Frequently Asked Questions

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Does owning a Heatmaster Boiler effect my electric bill?

Curious if using a wood boiler affects your electric bill? Short Answer: Using a wood boiler typically has a minimal impact on your electric bill. Find out more with Matt Meredith from @Treestofirewood as he breaks it down.

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What Do We Heat?

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Easy To Learn & Use

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How a boiler heats your home while you’re away?

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Detailed explanation on how a boiler heat a home?

Gives you a quick explanation of how a Heatmaster wood boiler heats your house.

Testimonials See what other people are saying about outdoor furnaces

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Rob Marr’s Story!

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David Dobbins Story!

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Country Boy John’s Story!

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Ryan’s G7000 story!

The Science of Outdoor Boilers in 4 Levels Learn the science behind how our boilers work as explained to a child, college student, customer, and expert.

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The 4 Levels of Dual Air Modulation in Outdoor Wood Heating

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The 4 Levels of Gasification in Outdoor Wood Heating

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